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All inspection or disinfecting companies are not created equally!!

NO property inspection is the same! Make sure that inspection personnel are actually putting in the necessary time needed to do a thorough & complete inspection AND that disinfecting companies are using only quality EPA approved solutions that can perform as intended - like Resilient Residential does!!

(Recent activities actually being performed as required by the State of Texas and the guidelines imposed by the CDC and EPA)


A little check of the heating system

20210222-mastr bath.jpg

Noticeable moisture in bathroom

Front yard bib is leaking 


Electric panel looks good

IMG_0069 (2).jpg

Several mortar cracks on a NEW build

An actual view from the rooftop


Grounded or not? And nothing left inside


Sanitizing the blinds - high touch points


We get even the "small" spaces

20210222- washrm1.jpg

Water penetration revealed by thermal imaging

All photos or videos added to this tab are from services completed within the past 18 months 

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