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Phone or text: 214-233-6863
P.O. Box 870202

     Mesquite, Texas 75187       


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* Residential inspection rates start at $375 and is based on square footage (sf); very competitive within our service areas.  An additional fee for crawlspaces (going under the house) and outbuildings applies.  Rates may change without prior notice.  Final pool/spa, irrigation system & thermal imaging rates are determined by size, components or the number of units to (IR) scan.  A separate agreement for individual pool/spa, irrigation system & thermal imaging inspections must be signed prior to inspections or a signed addendum for such inspections must be attached to the original home or commercial inspection agreement. 
* Commercial inspection rates vary with the project and other associated requirements. Some commercial inspections may require a pre-inspection assessment prior to inspecting to determine inspection needs, depending on type building, sq. ft. & etc.  The separate pre-inspection  assessment fee begins at $300. The assessment fee is credited back towards the total inspection cost if an inspection agreement is signed.
Disinfecting and sanitizing rates are based on square footage (sf) plus ancillary services.  Rates start at 09¢ - 11¢ per sf.  Lower rates incur beyond 5,000 sf except for Presumptive & Reactive services.  Presumed or Reactive disinfecting rates begin at 20¢ per sf - NO EXCEPTIONS. Botanic or plant based solutions slightly higher.  A minimal fee of $50 is added for heavy/deep cleaning prior to disinfecting; amount is more for larger areas.                                                               
Please contact us for commercial property inspection eligibility.

 More commercial information at
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